Come Rain or Shine

When you are travelling of course you hope for the best weather possible. And sun is sun. It can’t be argued that every city looks better in the sun, and basking in that glorious yellow light can warm you to the core and make you smile even more when you are exploring a new place. However, growing up in England has allowed me to come to the realization that the world is not all rays of sunshine 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Our world has striking and diverse weather habits and if you want to see the world you must be prepared for that! I have arrived in Warsaw with what the pilot described as “mostly sunny”. By this I can now see that what he means is small beams of sun between the thick blanket of clouds – bless his little optimistic English heart.
However, I am not put into any state of disappointment by the slightly (very, but optimism is key) grey weather. If this is what Poland looks like in October then I want to embrace it! Sure, a little rain could inhibit the whole seeing the city by foot idea that is most prominent in my plans, but if it rains in Poland in October then I want to see it! You can’t avoid the “bad weather”, or be any more than lucky with the “good weather”. So embrace it, and try to be prepared for all climates short of the extremes!

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