Kindness over Kindless

When you think of making a difference to the world, the first thought that comes to mind is usually environmental or moral – pollution, world hunger, saving water… But one thing that traveling has taught me is that kindness is the one thing that every single person was born capable of and it costs really nothing, excuse the cliche like language!
In one journey from Venice to Bristol I noticed a full circle of kindness go around me. On the plane, which was delayed and so everyone is already a little uncomfortable, two men came on and asked a third man who was already sat in the aisle of their row if he would like to swap for the window seat, as one of the new arrivals really suffered with his knees. Unfortunately for them, so did the man already seated. I had been randomly placed on an aisle seat and offered to swap myself – this is barely kindness, just a decency. Throughout the duration of the flight I had great conversation with these men who seemed to think I had demonstrated some unthinkable kind act worthy of praise! It was a more pleasant flight for everyone involved for the most simple thing as moving places.
Once I arrived in Bristol airport everything was fairly normal, I helped someone navigate the airport in Italian because they had just landed and then realized that they in fact spoke almost no English! Then I went to find where I needed to be to get my bus. Having not been to England in a while I was surprised that I still had £12 from my last trip. The unfortunate thing about this is that the bus I needed to get was £14 and didn’t accept card. This is when not only one, but two results of karma swung back around, I believe, as a result of the small acts I performed earlier on my trip. First, the person behind me offered my the two pounds, extremely kind, and then the bus driver said that he would sneak me a cheaper student ticket to help me, and the poor person behind me who was otherwise going to be out of pocket! Not only is it always great to have a discount, I am now sat on the bus with a spare £1 in my pocket and a smile on my face, wandering what to spend my fortune on!
These things are so so simple, but my day has been made, and it got me thinking of the chains of reactions of peoples behaviors and how what you put out into the world really does come back to you. We have all experienced those days where everything goes wrong all at once, and I believe (from experience!) that a lot of that is down to the negativity you begin to give off once one thing has annoyed you. It is a spiral that will go quickly downwards, or, on the other hand, quickly upwards!

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