Vegan in Bassano del Grappa

In this tiny little town you won’t struggle to find vegan options, whether you want drinks, gelato or a full on lunch; despite its size, Bassano del Grappa offers lots of vegan friendly foods.

Pro Vegan!

In the market square once you are inside the old town centre there is a great restaurant called the Danieli. It had a very simple menu, beautifully presented, and including a tofu and marinated onion salad (11 euros) or a pasta with tomato and olives (9 euros) – I opted for the tofu. And let me tell you, it was delicious. Other plus sides to this place are wholemeal bread, free wifi, and excellent prosecco for just 2.50!
If you choose not to go to the Danieli – maybe something about the reasonable prices, stylish and chilled decor, and beautiful outdoor seating right in front of a church facade, put you off this place for some reason! – then don’t worry because a quick glance at the other restaurants showed me that they all had an option that happened to be vegan, or many dishes that would be easily adapted.
Once you’re all full of vegan goodness, stroll around the cute little streets. When you’re ready to have a little dessert it won’t matter where you’ve strolled to because, to me, it appeared that every ice cream shop or cafe had a whole host of vegan options, some of them even displaying pro-vegan advertising outside! Notable is the Gelateria next to the old bridge (Ponte deli Alpini)
If all else fails and none of this takes your fancy, if you get there in time for the market (which as far as I could tell closed at 2) then you will be spoilt for choice of fresh fruits and vegetables.
The tiny trips I do to places like this it shows me that veganism is really on the rise, and vegan traveling will hopefully continue to become easier and easier. If small places like Bassano del Grappa can host so many establishments that welcome us vegans, then surely it can’t be hard anywhere!

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