Vegan in Gdansk Old Town

Despite my excitement at first when I spotted a Vegetarian/Vegan restaurant on the main street of the Old Town in this sweet little city, I have been otherwise disappointed in the options for vegans here. There are so many restaurants here, all with quite lovely designs and not too expensive! But the options for vegans are really lacking. I walked around the entire old town and looked at each menu, and some did in fact have a vegetarian section or at least a specific option – but vegan? No.
There was a Chinese restaurant, but it was a little expensive for my budget (well, my ideal but often ignored budget). There is quite a lot of sushi, but these seemed to have limited vegan sushi, and also expensive!
In the Old Town there are some supermarkets, but they are really small and in terms of vegan things that aren’t bread and limited vegetables there was mostly soy milk and maybe some biscuits. Sometimes bread and some lettuce will suffice, but if you – like me today – have been awake since 04.00 and then on a long train with only coffee, and so much coffee that you are shaking a little, then you will understand the want for a real meal.
Almost all restaurants have soups, although I suspect the tomato soup is a creamy one, although onion soup is probably quite safe. Soups tend to be between 10 and 16PLN and are the closest us vegans might get to traditional Polish cuisine. Otherwise salad, but aren’t we vegans a little fed up of always having salad in restaurants!?
Finally! I did find a very cool restaurant with a more interesting vegan option, and a few other options that could be made vegan too! Restauracja Kos (ul. Piwna 7-12, 89-831 Gdansk). Here I could have had bruschetta, chefs salad, pizza (obviously asking for no cheese), spinach and dried tomato pasta, or – what I chose – chickpeas accompanied by fresh vegetables from the summer garden (PLN19). The food was really really tasty and the vegetables tasted so fresh. Also, as an added bonus the side of chips was huge! I probably could have eaten just them! Everything on the menu was reasonably priced, the same or less than what I have seen in general here – main course, side and a beer (as well as sitting in the restaurant for ages using their wifi and avoiding the rain!) came to a total of PLN38. The restaurant was modern and comfortable, and extremely kid friendly with a play room that has cameras so that in a section of the main restaurant you can watch your kids from the table! Parenting at its best.
Something I have noticed to be true of quite a few venues here is that the service isn’t quite as friendly as you might hope or expect, there is much more of a “get the job done” vibe in the places I have been to. This isn’t a problem for me: I sit, I get the wifi, and then I write or a read with a beer, but always with a smile – if you don’t throw one out to the universe can you ever expect one back?


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